Smart Gadgets For Your Home

It's important to keep your home current but still feel homey. It's great to have the latest and greatest gadgets in your home. These devices can improve your quality of life by reducing stress, time and increasing efficiency. These are the top gadgets that you should have in your house right now.

Curved TV Screen

The Samsung KS8500 4K TV offers an incredible picture quality and allows viewing from all angles. This shape reduces the glare from lights and windows that could be interfering. Amazon sells the TV for $1,042. This TV is stylish and modern, making it look great in your home.

Nest Hello Doorbell

It's time to stop worrying about who might be at your door. Nest's smart doorbell features a built-in HD camera, which connects to your smartphone to allow you to check who is there. You can communicate with anyone at the door using additional features such as a speaker and microphone. The doorbell's impeccable quality allows you to hear and talk no matter where you are or what noise interference may surround you.

Amazon Echo

Amazon has brought you a hands-free speaker, which can be controlled by your voice. Ask the speaker to play music or send and receive text messages, or tell you jokes. The speaker can also provide the weather forecast for the day. With its smart technology and many features, this appliance offers great value for money. It costs $85.

Dimming Lights

The Lutron kit includes a remote and an in-wall dimming device. It costs $60 and can be used to control your lights using the Amazon Echo. Multi-functional and versatile gadgets really help to set the mood.


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