How To Maintain Your Driveway


Although it might not be something people think about often, it is important nonetheless. It is important to maintain your driveway for several reasons. It's important to maintain your driveway to avoid costly replacements down the road. Each season brings with it its own challenges, so make sure to keep your driveway clean. It doesn't require too much effort or time to maintain it. You can care for your concrete driveway, asphalt, gravel or any other type of driveway and prevent it from getting damaged. You can make your driveway last many years with a little care.

Keep It Clean

Driveways will wear down over time just like your home's exterior. Stains on a driveway with a solid surface should be treated immediately and not left to sit. You can make them easier to clean if you act quickly. To prevent future growth, remove any weeds from the driveway. All driveways that are not made of gravel should be powered washed or wet cleaned. If possible, remove any tree debris or stains from the driveway by sweeping, raking, or removing them.

Fill in any cracks

Take a look at your driveway to check for cracks and holes. Also, keep an eye out to crumbling concrete. Any cracks or holes that you may find in a driveway made of solid material should be sealed. This will not only make your driveway look great, but it will also prevent you from getting hurt if you trip on uneven ground.

Check the Water Flow

You will notice water puddles on your driveway during the summer. These puddles will freeze in winter. Frozen driveways can cause slips and other accidents. Concrete and asphalt driveways can also be damaged by water and ice. Clear a few inches from each side of your driveway to ensure water flows in the correct direction. Water can flow under your driveway and cause ground shifting. This can lead to cracking or crumbling.

Protect Your Edges

There are many reasons to put edging around your driveway. Brick pavers can be used to help gravel driveways remain in place. A weed-proof mat or rubber gravel can be used underneath to keep weeds out of driveways. This will also help prevent cracks from occurring in asphalt and concrete.

Take Care

Understanding the maintenance requirements of your driveway and the best methods to do it will help you avoid future repairs and allow you to take care of it yourself. Concrete driveways should be resealed every 2-3 years, while asphalt driveways can be done once every 3 to 5 years. Concrete cracks and weakens more easily due to all the salts found in deicers. Use sand to traction in winter, and use plastic snow shovels that don't damage driveway surface.


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