Why A Vacation On The Sea Is Good For You


The sea was known for its healing properties from the beginning of time. Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, had salt from the Dead Sea brought to bathe. It was believed that the Dead Sea salt could act as a fountain of youth to the skin. The salt from the Dead Sea remains in high demand around the globe. The Dead Sea salt and mineral concentration is approximately ten times greater than other water bodies, but salt water generally has beneficial effects on the body.

Benefits for the Skin

People with skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, or neurodermatitis, especially benefit from swimming in the seawater. The anti-inflammatory properties of saltwater reduce the symptoms of certain diseases and speed up wound healing. Saltwater can also be used to loosen dead skin cells and make the skin feel smoother. Saltwater makes the skin elastic and more flexible due to its salt content. Dry skin patients should only consume water with high amounts of salt in moderation. Then, apply a moisturizing cream. For hair care, the sea salt and its minerals are well-suited. The salt on the hair remains even though the water evaporates after swimming in the ocean. The scalp absorbs moisture and oil, so it dries out. After swimming in the ocean, rinse your hair with clean water.

Better Breathing

The sea air is especially pure. Smog and pollen are found in much lower levels on the coasts than they are in the interior. Aerosols, which are tiny particles of salt and iodine, are also emitted by the surf. These aerosols help to loosen phlegm which is especially helpful for asthmatics and hay fever sufferers. Anyone with respiratory disease who spends several weeks at sea may notice the benefits for many months.

It helps you relax

Many people feel a deep sense of relaxation when they hear the sound of the ocean for just a few seconds. This connection isn't entirely clear. There is evidence that the sounds of the ocean can be beneficial to tinnitus sufferers. The noise helps to distract the acoustic attention away from any unpleasant sounds in the ear. But, this only lasts as long you're at the ocean.

Relive The Joints

Salt in water gives buoyancy to the bones and joints. The effect is stronger in saltwater than in fresh water. This helps relieve the pressure on the bones, which is especially beneficial for rheumatism sufferers. You can also move more easily, such as when you swim or walk on the beaches. This helps prevent stiffening of the limbs and is beneficial for patients with rheumatism.

Immune System Strengthening

The body is exposed to powerful climatic stimuli, such as wind, sun, and water, at the sea. Wind and cool water are important for blood circulation. This is also true for mucous membranes which are able to better protect themselves from infections. In addition to the anti-inflammatory, disinfecting and other benefits of seawater, the immune system is activated.


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