If You Live In A Small Space, Read This


When it comes to furnishing small spaces, it is always a challenge. It is difficult to furnish a small apartment or a room in a shared one-room apartment. You don't need to sacrifice great interior design because you have limited space. We show you how to make the most of your small living space.

Flexible Furniture

Furniture should be practical in small spaces. You should invest in modular, collapsible, or easily relocable furniture such as stackable stools and furniture with castors.

How to Choose the Right Size

Yes, it is true that space can be very limited in small spaces. Many people make the mistake of buying furniture that is too small. It is not a good idea, as it can unintentionally create a "dollhouse effect". It is better to pay more attention to the proportions and mix smaller furniture pieces with larger key pieces.

Filigree pieces

Mini-rooms will look smaller if they have bulky, heavy tables, dark solid wood beds and cupboards. Filigree furniture is more cost-effective than narrow, minimalist furniture.

Bright colors

Light tones visually increase the size of any space. Pure white can look too sterile and hospital-like in a living room, but other lighter tones, such as off-white or eggshell white, are great for use as a base. You can combine them with warm earth tones like taupe or grey, or with more intense accent colors like midnight blue or petrol green.

Correctly Paint Walls

A simple trick can instantly make smaller rooms appear larger if you only want to paint one wall in a color. You can actually leave a white border around the entire wall. All edges should be covered with painter's tape. This frame makes the wall's color pop and the room appears larger.

Transparency is the Key

Transparent materials are great for small living spaces because they reflect light and add light to every space. For example, how about a plexiglass table or chair with a glass top for the living room?

Get Organized

You can easily create storage space with the help of shelves, storage boxes, and boxes with compartments. Then, it's easy to tidy up.

It's better to have less than more

It is better to keep your space small and focus on the essentials, rather than putting your favourite decorative items in the spotlight.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Which apartment has the largest (at least visually), in all of the country? For small spaces, a large mirror can double the size of a room. A home accessory can also be used as a decorative piece.

Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting works well in small spaces as it does in other rooms. Think beyond ceiling lamps when setting up a room. Consider floor, table and wall lamps as well.


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