How To Law Stress In College

 College can be extremely stressful. You need to make time for your family, friends and yourself. It can be difficult to find the right balance without getting overwhelmed. As a student, it makes sense that you deal with a lot of stress every day. Although we all know stress is a part of daily life, most people don't know how best to manage it and feel less stressed. It turns out that it is crucial to keep your stress levels low for both your mental and your physical health. The question is: How? We've put together a few easy ways to make it easier.

Plan Ahead

A dry erase board, a planner or a calendar are all good options. Although it may seem easier to keep all your deadlines and assignments on your phone, the best way to remember anything is to have a visual reminder of it in front you every day. You might also think you have more time that you really do. You will be more efficient if you write everything down and plan everything.

Me Time

Every day, make time to be kind to yourself. If this is not possible, you can try to do it every week. No matter what, everyone needs time alone to unwind and recharge. You can unplug from social media and your phone to reduce stress levels, whether you choose to watch your favorite Netflix series, read a book or do some yoga.


This is not an easy task. We are here to tell you the truth. Numerous studies have shown that getting more sleep will result in a better grade on tests. It might seem odd that you would get a higher score if you spend less time studying. The brain works in a very unique way. If you go to bed thinking about a problem, you brain will continue solving it. This will allow your brain to heal itself. Try your best to make those hours count.

Study with friends

Sometimes, it is more fun to study with a friend than alone. Get together with a friend and start studying. You can also study alone if you prefer. To avoid getting overwhelmed by schoolwork, you can just hang out with a friend.

Dance Party

You can dance to your favorite song. Dancing can help you feel calmer and more confident.

It's Temporary

Remember that this temporary feeling is temporary and will end soon. It doesn't matter how much it seems. Once you turn in your assignment or complete your final, all the stress and negative feelings will go away. There is light at the end, so focus on that and try not to dwell on the stress at the moment.


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