Every Kids Room Should Have 5 Things

Each child's bedroom should have a small bed and wardrobe. What else do your children's rooms need? We don't mean all the toys that accumulate over time. We'll show you what's important in a children's bedroom, from furniture and decor tips to practical helpers.

A Reading Corner with Bookshelf

A decent selection of children's books, even in these days of tablets and Kindles is essential. There is nothing more enjoyable than exploring the worlds beneath the covers of books together. Your child should have easy access to their picture books. For very young children, the cover should be visible from the front. This will make it easier for them to locate the correct book and to choose the right one. A cozy reading area next to the bookshelf is essential, especially if your toddler sleeps in a crib. Little people love to read books in comfort, whether they are on mattresses, pillows, or in a tepee.

Your Desk

It is never too small to have a desk. Even the youngest children can paint and knead with great passion. It is easier for children to reach their paintbrushes and other handicraft tools at their table than at a larger table. With a little practice they will be able to put them away on their own. Make sure your child has a small workspace that is organized clearly and practically so everything is easily accessible. On a durable, wipeable desk, all traces of creativity such as brush strokes or other marks will disappear.

A Seat for Adults

Perhaps you are a natural shopper and prefer to be on the ground in the children's area. But what about grandparents? An armchair, or at the very least, an upholstered chair, is inviting and allows older generations to gather in the children's area.

Toy Baskets and Storage Options

It's amazing how fast building blocks, trains, and cuddly toys grow. Every toy must be placed in a designated place to maintain order in the children's bedroom. You should also keep small souvenirs and surprises from birthday parties or friends somewhere. Otherwise chaos can be expected. For larger toys like doll accessories or trains, stable toy boxes are best.


You can use pictures, bright colors or unusual patterns in the children's bedroom. Your children will feel at home here.


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