University of Pennsylvania Applying to U.S. Universities


University of Pennsylvania  Applying to U.S. Universities

Each country has its own application system. It is essential to thoroughly explore the system before you begin the application process. Study abroad is recommended for international students.

About this course

This course is only intended for international students. It will provide an explanation of the admission process to almost 4000 universities. You cannot apply if your school offers University counseling. Although English is the language of instruction, subtitles will be available in Russian, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese.

What you will learn?

Participants of the course have the opportunity to reach out to the decision-makers (i.e. Admission officers will gain a better understanding of the process. Participants will learn about the unique aspects of the U.S. admissions process, which differs from other countries. They will also be familiarized with the basics and application process.

Participants will be able to learn from the instructor.

To find the right path to acceptance, they must ask themselves these questions.

To take control of all aspects of the application process

To find the college or university that best suits their needs and qualifications.

Participants will also learn about the pieces as a key part of admission. Participants will discover how pieces are viewed, and the actions that applicants should take to fulfill the requirements.

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The University of Pennsylvania offers a five-week online course (nearly 24 hours) to assist international students in the application process for the Universities of the United States.

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