University of Alberta Indigenous Canada

University of Alberta  Indigenous Canada

Many people all over the globe consider Canada a dream destination. They all want to create better futures and are looking for new opportunities. recommends this course to learn more about Canadian history and prehistoric times.

About this course

One of Canada's top universities, the University of Alberta has created the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), which aims to introduce Canadian history right from the beginning.

This is an exceptional opportunity for both Canadians and international visitors to Canada who choose Canada as their study destination or country to build their future. They will be able to learn about the history of Canada's
formation right from its inception.

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the Canadian Indigenous communities, their lives, economic relationships, political and legal systems, as well as their culture. There are 12 sessions to the course.

What you will learn

Participants will learn about the roles of stories among indigenous peoples, trade relations in prehistoric periods, treaty-making histories, and Canadian treaty types.

They will learn everything about the resistance of the Indigenous leaders, their legal and educational systems, as well as the Indigenous traditions. One of the topics for the course will be the political system and its structures as well as the colonial influence. Participants will be able to trace the history of the settlement and understand Canada's right to land.

Participants will be able to feel the impact of colonialism and how it has shaped the formation of Ingenuous communities (both in the past as today) after they have explored Indigenous gender concepts. You will see how geography and trade relations affect indigenous art, and you'll be able to explore modern perceptions of Indigenous artwork.

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Course duration is five weeks. This online course is free and you will gain a clear understanding of Canadian art, history, and culture.

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