Sciences Po Searching for the Grand Paris


Sciences Po  Searching for the Grand Paris

The Grand Paris is a must-see for anyone who is interested in France and its main jewel Paris. This incredible project, which was started more than a decade ago, aimed at transforming Paris and its suburbs into one large metropolitan area. The project's main objective is to provide better living conditions in Paris and its surrounding suburbs. It will also offer improved housing options and a flexible transportation system that will make it a global economic hub. Grand Paris will be seven times bigger than Paris and have a population exceeding seven million. offers a course that can help you understand the purpose and benefits of this project, as well as the risks and benefits it may bring.

About this course

The Grand Paris project is a national initiative that was created to create new opportunities, join the history and future of the city, to connect people, provide opportunities, innovate and make everything available to its residents, and to challenge and motivate people. SciencesPo has created a course that provides information and opinions about this project.

The materials you will see will relate to the implementation and initiation of this large project. They will include resident, expert, and researcher reports, documentation, video materials, and comparative examinations of other large European cities. It covers the various stages of Paris' development as well as the surrounding areas.

What you will learn

These are the reasons for the Grand Paris launch

These are the main goals and aims of this project.

These are the key points and difficult issues that this project addresses.

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This course was developed by many people. It is not only intended for universities, but anyone who has an interest in Grand Paris. This course does not require any special skills or qualifications. All that is required is an interest in the subject matter.

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