Master Your New Life As University Student

Attention new students: Here are some valuable tips to help you master your daily study routine. Some of these tips can be taken lightly.

Find the Right Flat Share/Apartment

This tip applies only if you haven't moved away from your parents in a while. If you are looking to change your living arrangements before the semester begins, it is important that you take your time in searching for a new home. You can make friends and talk about university life with them in a shared apartment. Even if you prefer to live alone, it is a good idea to start planning ahead and be ready for the new life you will lead as a student.

Tell yourself about your semester

It is important to note that studying is different than school. If you don't study at a university for applied sciences, where the course schedule is pre-determined, you will have to create it yourself. You can also choose courses almost freely. This is great, but it requires a lot more planning. It is important to find out as soon as possible about the options available and when exams are due. The university will not remind you to register for exams or courses. Another tip: Don't forget to register for your exams and courses on Fridays or Thursdays if you want to be away. You will regret it soon.

Clarify Your Financial Situation

This tip is particularly important for students who are moving away for the first semester. There will be many parties, events and get-to know-you meetings at nice cafes during the first semester. The first rent will be charged and the cook-out evening in the shared apartment is on the horizon. It's a disadvantage if you don’t have any money left. We've already discussed how to finance your education.

Take a look around the Campus

Before you start your first day, it is worth walking around campus and the halls. You can then take a walk around the campus and find the canteen or cafeteria, the student advisory services and the general layout of the building. There's nothing more frustrating than wandering aimlessly through a university campus on your first day, only to end up exhausted and unable to finish the course on time.

Your strategies

Different strategies may work depending on your personality. While some may be able only to follow the lecturer's instructions, others will take detailed notes. Some people might save all documents to their laptops, while others may print them out and use markers. Whatever your preference, stick to what you find works best for you. This is the only way you can avoid being overwhelmed by the first phase.


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