King's College London Shakespeare: Print and Performance


King's College London and Shakespeare's Globe have created a unique course which recommends to join to learn the printed and performed works by William Shakespeare, from very early times to today.

About this course

William Shakespeare is undoubtedly the greatest playwright. His works are timeless and limitless, and they continue to have an influence on the world today. Because of his worldwide popularity, it is often said that Shakespeare is the world's greatest writer. This course will allow international students to learn how Shakespeare's plays have been performed over several centuries around the globe and how different countries view Shakespeare's works.

Participants of the course can take virtual tours of The Globe Theatre, to see how the plays are presented in London. They will also learn about the performance practices used in British theatres. You can also take a virtual tour of the British Library. Here you will have access to the archives and be able to examine the manuscripts as well as the printed text that dates back over 100 years. The virtual tour will allow you to see how Shakespeare's words evolved from page to stage. To enrich the discussion, course participants from other countries will share their perspectives.

What you will learn?

International students will be able to learn from a qualified group of professionals

Study the evolution of book publishing in early modern England.

To assess the impact of editorial policies on Shakespeare's perception today by theatregoers and readers.

To understand the Evolution of Theatrical Production.

You can find different shades of Shakespeare's plays all around the globe today.

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This free, four-week online course offers a great opportunity to meet representatives from different spheres who have studied Shakespeare's works over many years. You can also learn first-hand information about Shakespeare plays.

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