6 Things Every Student Must Experience


These are 6 things that every student should do during his time at university.

Living with roommates

It doesn't need to be large. Two people can share an apartment. If you have any problems, there is always someone to talk to. Flatmates encourage tolerance and allow you to show your individual strengths and quirks. Some people are so crazy that they share a flat with eight others.

Get Some work experience

You could work in a call centre or dishwasher. Hard work builds character, or so they say. It also finances a few cold drinks.

Travel, Travel, Travel!

Even if your budget isn't very large, it is important to travel as much and as far as you can. It is a common saying, but it must be said: later you won't have as much time or be so free again. Participating in university excursions is also recommended.

Celebrate for a Week

Party, party, party! This is probably the most common cliche in student life. Lectures on Friday are either not given at all or poorly attended by students because most of them have just had a party and are now tired and hungover. Asher Roth sang a declaration of love to college. A series of freshman parties is a great way to celebrate the start of the semester. You can celebrate for a week at many locations, even though the university isn't yet open. After that, the reputation of being a party queen has been lost.

Getting Lost On Campus

It is easy to get lost when trying to find room K134b, or the small seminar room 216. Clearness on campus is quickly affected by the increasing number of first-year student and extension buildings. This phenomenon is still evident even in modern times, with GPS and smartphones. In particular, the first semester, it's difficult to remember the names of buildings and rooms, as well as the routes between them. It is only possible to request directions in a similar fashion, as there is no app that provides detailed directions.

Experiment abroad

An international experience is always a good thing for your CV. You also broaden your horizon and can learn new languages and cultures. This will help you make new friends. All these are reasons to study abroad. Some courses require this. It's also easier than ever to leave your country and go abroad for a semester or so while you are studying. Ask your university about possible exchange programs or partner universities. Planning should be started early. A minimum of one year is recommended.


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