As promised, I have compiled a list of questions asked via email, facebook, twitter, and comments here. I hope to cover all your inquiries, though most of them stem from my tomato red hair.
Onward and upward dear friends!

Q: What Color do you use on your hair?
A: I only use professional colors. I use Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids in RED, which is one of the best on the market for staying power and vibrant color. It only works on treated hair though, so have your hair lightened a smidge and then deposit the Pravana. You should only get Pravana through a licensed cosmetologist.. but it is well worth the money. Don't go to Sally's and get manic panic, get the grown up hair dye, and look spectacular!

Q: How do you keep your hair so red? any tips?
For one, I only wash my hair every other day, sometimes two if I can manage it. That helps tremendously. Another good idea is to have a good shower cap on hand. Wash and condition your hair first thing in the shower, and make it as quick as possible. As soon as you are done, put the shower cap on to avoid anymore unwanted warm water causing the dye to bleed.
You might also try a red shampoo... but I don't know if mine have ever really helped. No matter what you have about 2 really good weeks of color, and then 1.5 weeks of "meh" haircolor. Then you dye, dye again!

Q: What type of product do you use on your pincurls?
I only wet set my hair with Lotta Body. If I use only wet hair, my curls fall out fast. Lotta Body, which is found at Sally Beauty Supply, is potent stuff that can make your curls with stand even the apocalypse... well, maybe not, but it works great.

Q: Can you post a Victory Rolls tutorial?

By George I can! Toma likes to spend money on things we probably don't need, like digital video cameras. So, looks like a video tutorial on Victory Rolls is on my agenda this month!
UPDATE! I have made the tutorial, you can get to it by clicking HERE!

Q:How do you keep your bangs so tidy?

I think my bangs are my only obsessive compulsive trait. I trim them every few days, as they tend to grow unevenly. I keep them in a soft U shape when they are DRY. I always use a light spritz of hair spray to finish them and keep them in place.

Well now, I think that is it on my hair for the moment... Let's move on to something new.

Q: How do you hang your vintage clothing?
Honestly, this is gonna sound bad, but I am HARD on my vintage. Ok, not really, but in general I only keep things that are already damaged or made of cotton, so I dont worry about tearing them or messing them up. That being said, I use nice large velour hangers that are smooth and wide enough to support even a scoop neck dress on my nicer pieces. Cotton day frocks get the good ol' cheap plastic hanger. I never claimed I was fancy...

Q: how do you manage working, motherhood, and looking so put together?
Complete and utter vanity. All jokes aside, I feel like my appearance is one thing I have total control over. I could wear sweats to drop my kids off at school, with no make up on and untamed hair, but how would that help my self esteem. How would that portray to others how I feel about myself? I am an easily stressed out person, so I like to move slow. I wake up early, take a long time making breakfast, get myself prepped for the day, get the kiddos to school and make my way to work. It boils down to choice. You can look at your closet and choose jeans or a nice dress.
I can say with total conviction, its way easier to throw a nice dress.
Also, I just like to look like a princess.

Q: How did you get started dressing vintage and how to I integrate vintage things into my wardrobe?
I am not sure what started my love of vintage, other than hanging out at the local vintage shop and picking up simple cotton house dresses here and there. Once I had started, I nearly couldn't be stopped. I started reading blogs and old magazines to learn the ways of dressing authentically vintage. I feel so glamorous and fashionable even in the most simple day dress. I feel like wearing vintage and vintage inspired items has help boost my self confidence immensely.
To get yourself on that track I say, hit some local vintage stores if you have them, or shop on-line. Start with some staple pieces, a few dresses, a skirt or two and a good solid cardigan.
Remember that the cotton house dress is nearly and all season dress, pair it with warm tights and a sweater and you have a winter wardrobe!

Q: How do you know what to look for when shopping for vintage clothing?
I wrote an entry on that some time ago, here are some simple tips for spotting vintage.

Q:How did you meet Toma?
When this question was initially asked via twitter I spent several emotional hours reliving the first moments of Toma being in my life. I can say with almost 100% confidence that I know what it feels like to fall in love at first sight.
I met Toma at a mutual friend's wedding, where I accidentally sat next to him twice. Over dinner and wine we talked over everyone else at the table and lived in our own little world. I didn't see him again for a long time. Fast forward a lot of months, and we ended up working together on a few art projects and a fashion show.
I remember our first kiss, they tiny gifts he used to make me and package in film canisters, the tiny notes that read "you are perfect to me" tucked into my purse, and driving his broken car to my house early in the morning just to say good morning to me before he had to work. He even inadvertently bought me a wedding dress, maybe you guys will get to see it some day.
We have had a hard and messy start, but I wake up every morning incredibly thankful for the fact that the love of my life has been given to me. I have finally made it to a point in my life, where I regret nothing whatsoever. I am where I am supposed to be.

(Yes I am rambling because I am lost in thought, and yes I was crying when I wrote this part. Sue me.)

Well, I hope that answered all you wanted to know about me. If not, send me an email and I will answer your latest inquiries!

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